Get Back My Husband – The Best Way to Get Him Back

You still love him and therefore youve been pondering on how do I get back my husband. You want to reconcile with your husband and want him back because you cant go on with your life and you dont want your marriage relationship be really over. Youre afraid that if you let things go for too long then it will be too late to save your marriage.

If your marriage has just ended or is on life support and youre asking: how do I get back my husband? youll be happy to know that it probably isnt impossible. Of course, every situation is different and if there has been any abuse, sexual, verbal, or physical, you should consider getting counseling before you try to reconcile with your husband. But, if your relationship was good for the most part, and you still love your husband and think that you can make it work, here are some things that might help.

Step 1 is to catch your breath. Its very easy to feel a sense of urgency and to feel if you let things go for too long it will really be over. The truth is that time can be your friend. For one thing, it gives you a little time to get your emotions under control so when you do talk to your husband you wont be a weeping mess or a screaming shrew.

Another reason to give it a little time is that you want him to miss you. You want him to have time to think long and hard what it would really be like if you werent in his life.

Step 2 is to try to figure out what you did wrong and what changes you need to make. Its important that you dont just become a door mat and accept all the responsibility for making the relationship work, but you do need to be honest about your flaws and how you can do things better.

Step 3 is to get in touch with him and let him know that you still care, youve been thinking about things a lot, and if he wants to work on the marriage youd like to meet.

If he says no, hes not interested, then you just have to walk away. He may still change his mind but just needs some more time, or he might really want the marriage to be over. No matter which one it is, there s nothing more you can do. Walk away with your head held high and go on with your life.

If he says that he wants to try and work on things then the two of you should meet and talk. At this point it might be helpful to enlist a little help either by hiring a therapist of by getting a self help book, anything that can help the two of you navigate your way through a reconciliation.