4 Types of child abuse that exist in our society

Child abuse is a much talked about the issue today in our society. Some cases we know about, but some we don’t. These children suffer in silence. Here are four types of child abuse that exist in our society today.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse means aggressive behavior towards the child that result in wounds, bruises, burns, etc. Many children, even after they become a teenager, suffer from physical abuse by their parents or guardians. This takes place in families where the father comes home drunk or the parents don’t have a healthy relationship.


When parents don’t attend to their children much, the children feel neglected. Neglect, meaning the absence of parental care, has damaging effects on the child’s health and mind. This often happens in families where both the parents work full time leaving the children home alone or with a nanny. The children go hungry; they feel unloved and unsafe. Neglect is a form of child abuse

Psychological abuse

Making harsh comments towards children or using bad language is a form of psychological abuse. Theses cause damage to the mind of the children. Yelling frequently or not showing affection are also part of the psychological abuse.

Sexual abuse

In many families, the father or someone in the family touches a child inappropriately or commits a sexual act. This usually happens at the early stage of teenage life of a child. Children often cannot tell about it to anyone because of embarrassment and fear. Parents should encourage children to share their thoughts.

These forms of abuses damage the mental well-being of a child or a teenager. The affect of these abuses never go and it haunts them throughout their live. Teenagers should share their thoughts and feelings with family and friends. If necessary, they should go to a therapist for counseling.