About Us

Welcome to Equus Info!

We are a site dedicated to providing children from age 14 onwards to get information about dating, self-esteem, relationships, etc. We hope this blog will contribute to their personal development and shaping them as a matured person.

Users need to subscribe to our site in order to access the information. We have psychologists and other experts in our team who help us decide what kind of information we should provide and which we shounldn’t. Our contents are appropriate for the teenage group starting from 14 years old.

We want this blog to be a guide for the children of this age so that they don’t make any major mistake before they step into their adulthood. In this blog, there will be information about dating and relationship. There will be interesting articles to help you devlope a good personality. If you are a teenager, then you should read this page. It will help you to stay alerted about the problems that you may encounter at this tender age.